What Should I Give My Mom for Christmas?

October 12, 2011 2 Comments
By: Natalie Myers, freelance Social Media Specialist 

Every year, when I ask my mom what she wants for Christmas, her response is the same. “I just want peace in the family.” Our family is pretty peaceful compared to most, and my mom’s contentment without earthly things makes it hard to find her a Christmas gift. How do you put “peace” in a box under the tree?

This year, I found her Christmas gift early. In my work with Moody Publishers, I’ve had the opportunity to read many of their recent books. While I’ve enjoyed all of them, three of them stand out in my mind as books I will be giving to friends and family this Christmas.

1. Prayers for Today by Kurt Bjorklund

As soon as I saw this beautiful book, I knew that I found my mom’s Christmas gift. Each page offers a unique set of prayers for that day, from both classic thinkers to contemporary authors.  The book integrates Bible passages, worship lyrics, and written prayers to make each day’s reading dynamic and applicable. It will make a great gift, even for my mom, who is oh-so-hard to buy for (and it may even help bring about peace in the family).

To see what Prayers for Today has to offer, visit www.facebook.com/prayersfortoday or follow @prayersfortoday on Twitter.

2. A Marriage Carol by Gary Chapman & Chris Fabry

This short novel weaves together a story of a broken marriage, and the saving grace that a snowstorm can bring. Loosely following the plot of Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol, this book takes the ghosts of marriage past, present, and future and turns them into a reality that forces one wife to make a decision about her marriage. The book is a fast read, perfect for anyone who adores a good Christmas narrative. An added bonus: the cover of the book is festive enough that you won’t need to wrap it!

To learn more about A Marriage Carol (or watch the spectacular trailer), visit www.amarriagecarol.com.

3. Power Through Prayer by E.M. Bounds

As one of our Moody Classics, Power Through Prayerhas been well-loved for many years. I first read it after getting it as a Christmas gift two years ago. Ever since then, I have continued to re-read my favorite chapters, highlighting and underlining more and more each time. If you’re looking for a book you can give to your mom, your husband, your Bible study, your pastor, or just about anyone, this is a great pick.

What books would your recommend this Christmas season? I still don’t have gifts for two brothers and a dad, so any suggestions are appreciated!

Natalie Myers is a twenty-something marketer/entrepreneur who enjoys eating chocolate, watching cancelled TV shows, and reading books about prayer.

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2 Responses to What Should I Give My Mom for Christmas?

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  2. Natalie Myers thanks for this post. I have almost forgot Christmas is just around the corner. Thanks for reminding me. Lol. The books above are really nice and I am already “hungry” to read ‘Power through Prayers’. May be I will find one over here in Nigeria.

    Secondly my mom is really my source of life and giving her a good book to read is really a wonderful idea. But I have got some problem. My mom is just too busy to find the time to read a book. I think listening to audio books is really what she does with ease. So I don’t know if the enlisted books have audios.

    Thirdly, I will love to suggest that you read or purchase ‘Wild at heart’ by John Eldredge for a male friend. That book unleashed the lion inside of me and made me more of a man.

    Finally, the truth be told, you have a nice blog here, nice templates, dept of information and lots of that. I am a young writer and I wish to grow more, any advise for me? Meanwhile let’s be friends

    find me on facebook ‘Cyprian Udebuike’
    Good bless you Natalie Myers

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