We’re Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day!

April 25, 2012 1 Comment

Today is the day we celebrate the men and women who keep businesses running smoothly, who often work behind the scenes, who give their best to keep offices organized, professional, and on target. We appreciate you!

In this helpful article, Dr. Paul White, coauthor with Dr. Gary Chapman of The 5 Language of Appreciation in the Workplace, offers a few helpful tips on gift-giving at the office just in time for National Administrative Professionals Day!


Find more helpful resources here on Dr. White’s website, and take the free test to determine your own language of appreciation!

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One Response to We’re Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day!

  1. Thank you. The attorney’s I work for and support have completely spoiled me… it’s a blessing to be appreciated. I am very thankful to the Lord.

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