The Long Trail Home: A Book Review

December 27, 2011 1 Comment
Beth Ireland, our Senior Customer Service Representative, reads many of the titles on Moody Publishers’ shelves and we asked her to review a recent favorite

Howdy there pardner!  I’ve been reading the Texas Trail series here at Moody Publishers (if you couldn’t already tell that by my greeting to you), and I wanted to share with you about the latest installment in this series, The Long Trail Home.  So saddle up your horses, circle the wagons, and let’s sit a spell and chew the fat about this book!

Now, if you’ve been reading this series of books, you are already familiar with the Morgan clan.  And if you haven’t been reading this series, what are you waiting for?!  Go pick up the books and read them.

In The Long Trail Home, we meet a new member of the Morgan family, Riley.  Poor Riley has been off fighting the War Between the States (or as we in the 21st Century like to say, The Civil War) and is now heading home to his family and fiancé in Waco, TX.  He is weary and down-trodden both in spirit and person.  I wish I could tell you that he comes home to love and the warmth and welcoming arms of his family, but sadly, this just isn’t so.  Riley arrives home to find that life as he knew it and hoped it would be has been forever changed while he’s been off fighting.  His life seems to be in shambles as he wonders what next step to take.

By this time, we’ve also met the female lead, Annie, and have learned that she has been abandoned by her father and has been residing in a local school for the blind for years.  However, she has a secret to keep in order to remain living there, which only her closest friends are privy to.  Annie clearly loves the children that she serves at the Wilcox school and works tirelessly to keep them happy and safe.  And as we learn, due to the greedy new owner of the school’s property, that is not going to be an easy task.

Riley stumbles upon the Wilcox school and asks to exchange his handy-man skills for a hot meal, which the women at the school begrudgingly agree to.  I mean, I wouldn’t blame them for being wary.  This man was dirty, stinky, and this was post-civil war Texas, you didn’t just trust every person that walked up to your door asking for help.  Riley proves his worth, however, and remains at the school for a spell, fixing and protecting.  Of course Riley soon notices Annie… and despite frustrations, difficulties, and sheer stubbornness, we see a relationship begin and grow.  Can they find love amidst their secrets and hurts?

This book is a heart-warming tale of friendship, love, and everything between.  Along with a perfect smattering of mystery, intrigue, and adventure to keep those pages turning!  You’ll read about forgiveness, repentance, faithfulness, acceptance, and feistiness.  This is the perfect combination for any book, if you ask me.

The Long Trail Home is a great fit for anyone who loves the historical fiction genre.  So if you’re from Texas, know someone who lives in Texas, have ever been to Texas, or have heard of Texas, let me encourage you to go and read this book!

Happy Trails to you!

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  1. Pam says:

    Good review, Beth! I’ve been to Texas, visiting the people I know there . . . anyway, this is a good series, and the first two got a good review from my mother-in-law, a discriminating reader. I happen to know she received Long Trail Home for Christmas, so I look forward to hearing another good report for the Texas Trails series.

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