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We are excited to announce a new team within Moody Publishers, taking a new creative approach to publishing and reaching out to serve the millennial generation. Meet Michelle Archer, student intern and co-leader of the team to tell you all about it…

Moody Publishers: What does your team do?

Michelle Archer: We are learning the traditional side of publishing as well as bringing and exploring new approaches to the industry, while developing our own audience through various means.

MP: Who are you trying to reach?

Michelle: We are serving our peers. We are trying to reach the millennial generation, which is approximately eighteen to thirty-year-olds.

MP: Is there a specific strategy for serving the millennial generation?

Michelle: We think listening is an important part of reaching any audience, and we are determined not to merely hand readers more stuff, but to listen, learn, and serve them. We are building a community in which we will be able to learn and grow alongside millennials on their spiritual journey. Our goal is to give them the tools and resources they need to become a thriving Christian.

MP: Can you tell us more about what this community will look like?

Michelle: We publicly launched our new website last month, and even before the site was launched we had 250 views on one article alone. Thrive80 is what we hope to develop into an interactive community of Christians, seeking God’s direction for their lives and learning from each other.

MP: What is the focus and style of the content?

Michelle: Our articles deal with issues relevant to millennials such as self-image, going to church, and unity. Because our writers are so diverse, the styles of the pieces are unique. Articles range from prayers and creative stories to thoughtful reflections or life experiences.

MP: Who is on your team and what do they each do?

Michelle: We have two Moody employees, five interns, and one student worker on our team. Marketing Manager Duane Sherman and Acquisitions Editor Randall Payleitner manage the team. Duane and Randall began envisioning a new team in 2010 which would serve eighteen to thirty-year-olds, and in one summer they increased the team from two spring semester interns to six interns who are learning to research, grow marketing skills, develop editorial management skills, create specialized content, and explore video development.

Ashley High is working as a marketing assistant for Duane, Pete Staker is the web technician and technology specialist; Danielle Germaine is a researching expert and our social media specialist, and Corum Hughes and I are co-leaders of the team. He is head of the Editorial while I am the Marketing head.

MP: What are you learning from your experience?

Michelle: I am learning what an exciting industry publishing is! I am specifically working on the marketing aspect of Thrive80 to push myself. I am learning about RFC’s and placing ads to best target our audience, as well as managing writers, reviewing proposals, and developing my leadership skills.

Join us at! What ways do you think publishers can serve this generation of young adults as they navigate various life transitions? What kind of books, conversations, and resources are needed? 

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