7 Ways to Launch into Publishing: Part 2

June 21, 2011 4 Comments

Tip #2: Grab an Internship

By: Stephanie S. Smith, Inside Pages Managing Editor

Duane Sherman, Millennials Marketing Manager, says it all, “I’d say internships are the best way to get started in publishing. We’ve had great success with our interns. They are our top candidates in-house and we’d look highly on a candidate who interned at another house. One of our most recent interns just got picked up by a top literary agency a week after graduation. That was exciting to see!”

Why work for free as an intern? Because in this economy where over-qualified professionals are taking entry level jobs, experience is priceless. Internship experience sets you apart from other applicants, putting you step closer to landing a job.

Boundless writer Chelsey Munneke has an encouraging story; she set her sights on an organization she ideally wanted to work for, and since there were no positions open at the time, she got creative. Chelsey left a voicemail with the president of the company, and he invited her to meet with him in person.

“After talking with him for a while and expressing my interest and passion for the company, I bravely asked if he would consider taking me on as an intern,” Chelsey said, “Much to my surprise he seemed intrigued by the offer and within three days offered me the position — the position that I essentially created for myself.” And now, when she has completed her internship, she will have not only valuable experience, but hopefully also the recommendation of the company’s president.

Internships are, in the opinion of the people who are doing the hiring, the best way to get your foot in the door and move forward from there. Check publishing company websites, such as traditional publishers, print and online magazines, or non-profit ministries that require writing and editing services for internship positions, or think outside the box and offer yourself as the first intern!

In what ways do you think an internship could pave the way for your future career?

If you are currently employed, how did you land the job? An internship, personal connection, credentials? What advice do you have for college graduates in their job search?


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4 Responses to 7 Ways to Launch into Publishing: Part 2

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  3. Stephanie S. Smith says:

    Thanks Darrell! Glad you enjoyed it. Check back every day this week for a new post on getting into the publishing industry.

  4. Darrell Brown says:

    Great advice. Thanks for the post.

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