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A Video

Sarah, cousin of Nehemiah and scribe in the King’s court, is successful, talented, and privileged. But just how successful can a woman be in a man’s world before something goes wrong? That’s the question Tessa Afshar’s new novel Harvest of Rubies explores. Click the image below to watch the trailer!

A Review

Anxiety is something of a common state for many young people facing the transitions and unknown after graduation. Earthen Vessels author and blogger Mathew Lee Anderson delves into Rhett Smith’s new book, The Anxious Christian, commenting,

“[Embracing anxiety] is a counterintuitive and, honestly, countercultural message. Especially within the church, where we love trotting out Paul’s admonition to “not be anxious for anything” as a cure-all for a troubled heart. Rhett’s sensitive to the fact that not all anxieties are productive. But he wants us to open ourselves to them all anyway, rather than compounding our problems by burying and ignoring it…”

Read the full review here!

An Excerpt

As a single Christian American woman overseas, Kate McCord says, “I lived in Afghanistan for five years. I learned the rules—I had to.” In the Land of Blue Burqas is the true inside story of Afghan life, as told by Kate (pseudonym for her protection), who relocated her life to launch a non-profit to help Afghan women in what has been called “the world’s most dangerous country in which to be born a woman.”

Read the 1st chapter here!


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