Wednesday Book Buzz

April 11, 2012 1 Comment
Our authors are busy bees! Here’s a quick Wednesday round-up of some of the good things they’re up to around the web:
    • Read the first chapter of Josh Weidmann’s Honest to God right here to hear his take on why “Raw honesty requires me to bare my soul before a holy God.”
    • Here’s a fun shot from behind the scenes of the video shoot for the True Woman “Table Talk” video series. Looking good, ladies! Watch the final cut right here, with women leaders such as Nancy Leigh Demoss, Mary Kassian, Erin Davis, and friends engage in a roundtable discussion about what it means to be a woman of God in the world today.

Well, we’ve shared the news on our end. What’s going on at your blog this week? 

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One Response to Wednesday Book Buzz

  1. Alberto says:

    I do some local parent menntriog when called upon which isn’t very often. I like to think of my blog as a type of menntriog project. But I know what you mean the thing is I consider trying to do something like that and look around at all the parents who seem to be doing a better job than I at keeping up with all the challenges of being a special needs parent. I feel like I’m still on the journey myself. I’d sure love to be seen as a resource for anyone who needs to chat with someone who understands, who’s been there but officially I imagine I’ll always see myself as just another mom. Not as though moms aren’t important, but every mother is important and has challenges, not just mothers of children with special needs. Does that make sense?I do want to do more though. I would love to jumpstart my mosaic project as I think that would be a great healing exercise for many parents, and I still have one nonprofit to finish getting off the ground, a degree to someday (somehow) complete, and a couple other nonprofit organizations I am involved with. I tend to stay busy for sure, but for me the end game is that there are way too many parents who feel overwhelmed, overburdened, and stressed to the gills because they are trying to be the perfect parent when the idea of that is a fallacy in and of itself And look at that, you made me talk all smart-like *grin* The quicker answer would be that yes, I have thought about it, but I am not sure what my role would be best utilized as. If that makes sense?

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