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May 13, 2011 No Comments

Our authors are busy bees! Here’s the latest buzz from around the web…this week we have several video clips and messages from authors: you’ll hear from a woman who overcame a pornography addiction, a first-time dad, and a survivor of sexual abuse who tells an incredible story of grace.




Crystal Renaud, author of Dirty Girls Come Clean is speaking out on pornography, and this week she has been on ABC News and CBS Cincinnati News, spreading her story of hope and healing for women struggling with pornography and sexual addictions.

We’re excited for Wendy Blight, author of Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner, which Proverbs 31 Ministries has chosen for its summer book study! Here’s Wendy herself to introduce her book and her study…”This book–what I hold in my hand–has a long, difficult, beautiful journey that brought me from a day that I thought would have destroyed my life forever…to hidden joy” Sign up here to join the book club!

Perhaps the most powerful influence in the world is that of a dad on his child.  First Time Dad by Focus on the Family ministry veteran (and father of 6) John Fuller lets you in on the stuff you really need to know… because in just a few months or weeks or days, your life is going to change–forever.

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