A Very Moody Christmas Party!

December 20, 2011 No Comments

It’s that time of year–when the Moody Media family (Moody Publishers and Moody Radio) get together for their annual Christmas bash!

  • We met together last week for the festivities over a catered lunch and homemade desserts (who know editors and radio hosts were such master bakers?).
  • We sang Christmas carols, of course! Including a rousing rendition of Feliz Navidad…(click to watch!)
  • We took up an offering for Radio Moody (the new Moody Radio Spanish broadcast) and Delhi Bible College.  Elsa Mazon gave us an update on Radio Moody and shared it’s vision statement and goals.
  • Our very own Pam Pugh, General Project Editor, put her own spin on ”‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” recapping the year’s highlights to the rhythm of this classic Christmas poem.

Here’s an excerpt from Pam’s poem…

In this fallen world that’s always in motion

We find much to occupy and a lot of commotion:

Flooding, fires, tsunamis, tornados, and quakes,

In Japan, Tuscaloosa, devastation, remakes.


We are not defeated when life goes downhill

Because of the One who can say, “Peace. Be still.”

It’s why we have light to the cross from the creche;

Because the Word has come; He came to us in the flesh.


By speaker or music or pundit or sage

With stories, ebooks, and beautifully writ page

We spread the good news in any way we could:

It’s Christ. He is here. The tidings are good.


With engaging radio and pivotal titles releasing

Our reach to the nations is always increasing.

As long as the Spirit within this place dwells,

We touch the whole world from Chestnut and Wells.


Let’s be joyful, go forth, and in Christ we’ll stand tall.

Happy New Year to each, blessed Christmas to all!

Pam Pugh ©2011 for Moody Publishers (Moody Media) Christmas party

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