5 Ways to Bless a New Mom

May 8, 2012 8 Comments

Today’s post is from Erin Davis, author of newly released Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role, in which she says“I’m looking for a few good moms. Moms who will dare to hold on to a view that seems out-of-date and search for God’s heart on the issues of motherhood…who will reclaim motherhood as a high and holy calling.” Catch Erin every day this week on the Revive Our Hearts radio show!

This Mothers Day, we celebrate ALL moms, and we asked Erin to give us a few tips on how to bless a brand new mom as she is is just beginning on this high and holy calling.

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The arrival of a new baby is an exciting and special time. But it is also a period of adjustment, especially for the new mom who just endured delivery and must now adjust to caring for the needs of her child round the clock.

Here are five ways you can bless the socks off of a new mom and help make her transition as smooth as possible.


Find a way to show that you are thinking of the new mom in your life. She is likely feeling very isolated as the demands of new motherhood often keep new moms tied to home. Send a card or an email. Ask if you can come by for a walk with mom and baby or stop by after church and fill her in on the sermon she missed. The most important thing is to find a simple way to let a new mom know she’s on your mind.


A new mom is always feeding her baby, causing her own nutrition takes a back seat. One of the simplest, most practical ways you can bless her is by providing meals for her and the rest of her family.

You can arrange to drop off a home cooked meal or a meat and cheese tray for snacking. Drop off menus and gift cards to some of her favorite take out restaurants that deliver to her home. Or ask if she would like you to come over and cook. She will likely be thankful for a meal seasoned with some adult conversation.

You can also organize a series of meals from friend and neighbors using mealtrain.com.


In between feedings, diaper changes and sleepless nights, it can be difficult for a new mom to nurture her spiritual life. You can intercede for her by committing to pray for her every day for the first 30 days of her baby’s life.


Most moms experience a flood of gifts, cards and visits in the first week of their child’s life, but then about the time their husband heads back to work they are left home alone with a new baby. It’s is very appropriate to send a card or visit soon after baby is born, but follow up with a second visit or a phone call after three weeks and again six weeks after baby.

Open Up

There are few words more precious to a new mom then, “Yep, that’s normal!” With all of the changes in her own body and with her baby it can be difficult for a new mom to decipher what is a normal part of adjusting to life with baby. Share your own stories about when your children were born. A new mom needs to know that after an adjustment period, life will feel normal again. Let her know about your own feelings during periods of adjustment and help her see that she’ll get the hang of motherhood sooner than she thinks.

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What are you thankful for about your mom this Mothers Day? How do you see mothers shaping society every day?

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