4 Ways to Stop Hiding and Be Honest with God

May 15, 2012 3 Comments
Josh Weidmann is a pastor and the author of Honest to God: Becoming Brutally Honest with a Gracious God. You can join others on this journey to authenticity and find more of Josh’s ministry at www.HonestToGod.net.

I have an insatiable appetite for authenticity.

When I met Pete, I couldn’t wait to be his friend. He seemed to have more confidence than all of my friends combined. He could care less whether anyone liked him or not, but he wasn’t stuck up at all. In fact, his authenticity portrayed some sort of unachievable authenticity that made me want to be around him all the time. Not only did I want to be with him, I wanted to be like him.

Have you met a person like Pete? Have you ever been drawn in by the way someone was real with you? Has their vulnerability made you feel convicted about the false pretenses you put up yourself? It can be a chilling reality when you realize that you’ve spent more time managing a façade than being the real (and somewhat broken) person you are in reality.

It is time for us to stop pretending to be someone we are not–with God, others, and ourselves. When we do, we experience true freedom. Here are a few things I’m trying to do in my life that you may find helpful as you try to live authentically:

Stop Hiding. Because of our sin, we cower from God like Adam and Eve did in the garden. We hide in the hedges of our shame, fear, guilt, and insecurities. As God pursues us, we must come out of hiding and simply say, “Here I am,” allowing His righteousness to cover us completely.

Resign from Image Management. We have made a profession of pretending to be someone we are not. We manage our image before God, others, and even ourselves. Sometimes even unknowingly, we care far more about tending to our outward appearance rather than what lies soul deep. Remember, Christ didn’t die for your image; He came to save your soul. Remove the façade and lay your life bare for the sake of change.

See God as He Really Is. Our disease of dishonesty stems from a small (and should I say, wrong) view of God. Until we see God as He really is, we never will see ourselves for who we really are. By the grace of God through the gospel of Christ, we can be forgiven from our past and the scales can be removed from our eyes. With the help of the Holy Spirit, embrace a biblical view of God.

Engage in God’s Honesty Plan. An honest encounter with God never will leave you the same. When we drop our guards, embrace the gospel of grace, and begin being honest, we will find the freedom we have been longing for. We will be able to purge the past, gain integrity in the present, and live with excitement for God’s purposes for us in the future.

As you strive for honesty, remember you are not alone. People like Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Joshua, Esther, Asaph, David, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Hosea and many others have dared to live unhindered lives of dedication to their Lord. Follow their example and hold up your life before God allowing His light to reveal where you need Him the most.

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Why do you think we’re so afraid of being honest, if it brings us true freedom? What keeps us from being honest?

About the Book

Is hypocrisy eroding your trust in relationships, the church, or even yourself? We long to know there is a God – and, yes, a community – who is big enough to accept us for who we are and loving enough not to leave us that way. Imagine how our relationships and witness would change if Christians everywhere began to live in a more authentic manner. Throughout the Bible, we find heroes of the faith who lived with daring, messy honesty before God and others–their example is worth emulating. Honest to God is a practical and riveting study of biblical honesty.

Follow next generation author, Josh Weidmann, as he takes the reader on a journey toward true Christian authenticity. Both biblical and contemporary examples will give you practical principles and tools for self-examination that will lead to the freedom and transformation that come only through honesty.

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3 Responses to 4 Ways to Stop Hiding and Be Honest with God

  1. Lisa H says:

    Very honest first sentence. Love it. I must confess I do all three things you mentioned (on FB, twitter, and email) and this is the first time I saw this post. However, I must also confess, I have been trying to be more “offline” than “online” lately. Will be looking into this book. Thanks!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I can’t wait to read this book! entered all three ways!! thank you for this!

  3. I love authenticity and transparency. Thanks for this post.

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